Clear, Calm & Feeling Social: Comparing Hiyo® vs MTE®
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Table of Contents

  1. Comparing Hiyo® and MTE®
  2. How Hiyo® and MTE® work
  3. Benefits of Hiyo® and MTE®
  4. Hiyo® Ingredients vs. MTE® Ingredients 
  5. Hiyo® and MTE® Pricing & Packaging
  6. Other Highlights Hiyo® vs. MTE®



Feeling Social & Present Sans Alcohol: Comparing Hiyo® & MTE®

The age of using devil-you-know substances is finally waning as healthier alternatives to caffeine and alcohol gain momentum. People are looking for ways to be social and have fun without relying on excessive alcohol or caffeinated energy drinks. And the health and wellness market is answering that need.


Hiyo® and MTE® are two first-of-their-kind adaptogen and nootropic-stacked drinks that offer natural, no-down-side alternatives to alcohol and caffeine. They both use bioactive, bioavailable ingredients that provide that same feeling of energetic chill, but without things like crash, fogginess, sleep disruption, or next-day hangxiety.


What are Hiyo® and MTE®? And how do these stress-reducing drinks compare? Let’s break it down –


How it Works

Where Does the Clear Calm Come From in MTE® vs Hiyo®?

Before we can talk specs, we need to understand the mechanisms behind Hiyo® and MTE®’s pro-social, mood-boosting formulas. And while some of the active ingredients differ, both MTE® and Hiyo® use bioactive adaptogenic and nootropic plant compounds to provide what Hiyo® calls “The Float”.


What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens work by regulating the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which is the body's stress response system. When the body is stressed, the HPA axis releases energizing hormones that help you handle the stressor.  


These hormones help the body to respond to stress by increasing heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. But these hormones also hurt the body when they’re chronically-raised, which is why we don’t feel fun or social most of the time – without a little help.


Adaptogens can help to reduce levels of stress-response hormones and increase levels of other hormones that have calming and relaxing effects, like those associated with positive, tranquil mood. They can also help to improve the body's ability to resist stress by modulating the HPA’s activity so you feel chill but not tired.


What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are compounds that can pass through the blood-brain barrier to directly affect brain health. They’re known to enhance brain function and provide support for cognitive health. Nootropics might be synthetic (Rxs) or natural (caffeine is a nootropic!), and operate via different pathways:


  • Some nootropics directly modulate neurotransmitter activity. When neuronal communication is balanced, it helps you focus in a clear, serene way. 
  • Some nootropics improve blood flow and O2 delivery to the brain. This not only improves brain function in the moment, but protects cognitive health long-term.
  • Some nootropics increase neurogenesis and have even shown abilities to reduce cognitive impairments in research settings. Increased production of new, healthy neurons also protects the brain from damage.
  • Some nootropics reduce inflammation and oxidative stress on the brain, which creates space for feeling clear, focused and on-point. Plus the long-term protective factor, too.



Hiyo® vs MTE®: Mind-Body Benefits for Morning or Night

What do each of these healthy substitutes for caffeine and alcohol claim to do?



  • Is a healthy alternative to alcohol
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  • Boosts focus and mood


And MTE®:


  • Promotes tranquil, focused mood
  • Boosts energy
  • Fights stress
  • Supports nighttime recovery
  • Fights inflammation
  • Supports gut health and immunity



What’s in the… Can? Bag? Comparing Hiyo® & MTE® Ingredients

When a product utilizes bioactive plants to achieve their mind-altering properties, there’s often overlap, because there are definitely some MVPs in the adaptogen-nootropic game. That’s why you’ll find ashwagandha and l-theanine in both MTE® and Hiyo®:



An adaptogen that’s been used for 5000+ years of human history, this functional plant plays a major part in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for its energy-boosting, stress-reducing effects. Ashwagandha acts on the body in several ways:


  • Reduces stress and improves immunity via reducing byproducts of the stress chemical, like heat shock proteins and the harmful JNK-1 protein
  • Manages distress by lowering the reactivity of the brain's stress response axis
  • Boosts energy by optimizing the body’s use of oxygen
  • Reduces inflammation by targeting inflammatory pathways
  • Supports brain health and cognitive function by contributing to cell (re)generation



A compound found in green tea, this nootropic is a water-soluble amino acid known for its health benefits and positive effect on focus and mood. 75+ years of avid research on the abilities of l-theanine has made it a common ingredient in healthy, caffeine-free energy drinks. L-theanine:


  • Helps manage stress by promoting the production of alpha brain waves
  • Supports mood by modulating neurotransmitters associated with affect, motivation, reward, and pleasure
  • Promotes focus and cognitive health by increasing theta brain waves
  • Supports recovery by balancing the activity of excitatory (wake up) vs inhibitory (calm down) neurochemicals


Pricing & Packaging

Cost & Convenience: Logistics of MTE® & Hiyo®

Hiyo® is a canned sparkling drink packed with natural flavor and zero alcohol. A subscription order of Hiyo® comes in 12-can packs that break down to $3.37 per can. Subscriptions are customizable and shipping is free.


MTE® is a daily energy greens powder without sugars and artificial sweeteners. A subscription order of MTE® comes in 30-serving bags with a measured scoop, which ends up equaling $1.98 per drink. Shipping is always free.


Other Highlights

What Else About MTE® vs Hiyo® Stress-Reducing Social Drinks?

A few last details about these innovative anti-stress drinks that boost energy and mood without sacrificing tranquility:




  • No sugar bombs or artificial sweeteners
  • Less than a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Organic



  • USDA-certified organic
  • 30 calories
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan 


Truly meant as a replacement for alcohol – something that lets you feel loose and social without the potential for messy and hangxious the next day - Hiyo® has the potential to transform how people (especially Millennials – let’s be honest) lubricate themselves in social situations. Definitely worth a try at the next outing you’ve got to DD.


Created as a substitute for caffeine and sugar-laden energy drinks and coffee – something that helps you zone in, feel great and do more - MTE® has the potential to transform how people view energy, stress and mood. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a healthy way to fight fatigue without compromising a calm state of mind. 


MTE® supports feeling good – period. Curious about what a daily scoop of our energy greens mix can do for you? Learn more about MTE® and subscribe for your first order!

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