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Science backed nootropics, adaptogens and superfoods support jitter-free energy, calm mood, dialed-in focus, recovery at night & much more. *
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Stephanie M.

Love that right away I recognized all the ingredients that are proven to be naturally good for you. And no additional sweeters is a plus. The energy boost felt natural with no jittery side effects. Glad to know about MTE, will keep it arond at office and home for days that an extra boost is required.

Michael S.

The shot is amazing! Instead of feeling frenetic and speedy, you centered and alert. I would much rather feel focused and lucid rather than having my mind race all over the place with a caffeine based shot. Great product! Can’t wait to order more!

Jake J.

I've been drinking MTE daily for a few months now and highly recommend this product. No jitters, no bs products in it , actual product with a purpose by people who actually care. Great stuff.

Patrick P.

Thank you for what you’re doing at MTE. I believe our energy and attention are our most valuable resources. Unfortunately, so many people are chronically tired and unmotivated. So instead of going after what they want…they make excuses. Time goes on and they’re in the same spot they were a few months ago… Wishing for it to be different. I think if more of those people knew about your product, the world would be a better place. So again…Thank you for what you all are doing.

Mark I

 This stuff is awesome. Great energy, great taste, good vibes!

Leslie R.

I’m a competitive athlete in my mid 40’s. I’m looking for an edge to help me stay focused in a game...I must say [MTE] is the perfect, “light up the night”/“find the zone” feel and has been an amazing addition to my game...The taste was shocking at first, but now I have come to like it. It feels “real” — nothing like fake flavors/added sweetners. I’m a big fan!  

Taylor S

Great product! Smooth rush of happy energy with no weird feeling jitters. Long lasting euphoric energy with no harsh comedown!!! New lifelong customer! 

David S.

I was introduced to MTE in late September of this year. The affects were so dramatic I immediately subscribed for a regular delivery. I have been battling cancer for the last 18 months and this is the first product that I have tried that really made a difference, and I’ve tried many products. Anxiety and restlessness just seemed to melt away and were replaced with a calm, happy and peaceful feeling...This product is everything it claims to be, and so much more. Great job MTE, you are making a real difference in my attitude and life. Thank you!