Get the energy and focus you need, while boosting metabolism, gut health, and recovery at night so you can do it all over again tomorrow.*


    ✔ Feel Good Energy*

    ✔ Boosted Metabolism*

    ✔ Focus & Attention*

    ✔ Gut Health*

    ✔ Recovery at Night*


    The caffeine-free formula supports your body's natural energy production to give you life changing support for daily energy, productivity and wellness.*

Upgrade your energy with just one scoop.

Different from other energy drinks because we focus on feeling good, rested and energized.

Our healthy ingredients energize, boost metabolism, and enhance mood while supporting gut health & sleep at night, which means you get a lift today while also supporting your system for the long run.

Perfect for a boost at the gym, a great tailwind for a busy life and an amazing way to be supportive of your body.

When was the last time you were truly happy? When you woke up feeling rested and energized? That feeling you have on the first morning of a great vacation.

  • Energy

    A dynamic nootropic blend supports jitter-free energy without the caffeine crash you get from coffee and energy drinks.*

  • Focus

    Packed with ingredients like paraxanthine and l-theanine to support peak performance, focus and attention.*

  • Mood

    Adaptogens and nootropics like saffron and holy basil support mood and stress response.*

  • Recovery

    Better sleep, stress response and gut health all support more natural energy reserves during the day and recovery at night.*

A Simple Concept

Most products you can feel are fueled by excessive caffeine, which compromises optimal long-term wellness, and most things that support foundational wellness can’t be felt for weeks... months ...sometimes never.

We created MTE to achieve both.


The MTE Promise

  • No Artifical Colors or FlavorsNo Artifical Colors or Flavors
  • No GlutenNo Gluten
  • No Sugar or Fake SugarNo Sugar or Fake Sugar
  • No GMOsNo GMOs
  • No Dairy, Egg or PeanutNo Dairy, Egg or Peanut
  • No PreservativesNo Preservatives