A wellness blend of proven nootropics & adaptogens power up your productivity & focus.


    ✔ Supercharged Focus.

    ✔ Boosted Productivity*

    ✔ Feel Good Energy*


    The caffeine-free formula supports next level focus and attention as well as your body's natural energy production to give you life changing support.*

Upgrade productivity with just one scoop.

Different from the others by supporting plenty of energy, off-the-charts focus, and recovery, while supporting your system for the long run - with clean, healthy ingredients.*

When was the last time you were truly happy? When you woke up feeling rested and energized? That feeling you have on the first morning of a great vacation.

  • Energy

    A dynamic nootropic blend supports jitter-free energy without the caffeine crash you get from coffee and energy drinks.*

  • Focus

    Packed with ingredients like paraxanthine and l-theanine to support peak performance, focus and attention.*

  • Mood

    Adaptogens and nootropics like saffron and holy basil support mood and stress response.*

  • Recovery

    Better sleep, stress response and gut health all support more natural energy reserves during the day and recovery at night.*

A Simple Concept

Most products you can feel are fueled by excessive caffeine, which compromises optimal long-term wellness, and most things that support foundational wellness can’t be felt for weeks... months ...sometimes never.

We created MTE to achieve both.


The MTE Promise

  • No Artifical Colors or FlavorsNo Artifical Colors or Flavors
  • No GlutenNo Gluten
  • No Sugar or Fake SugarNo Sugar or Fake Sugar
  • No GMOsNo GMOs
  • No Dairy, Egg or PeanutNo Dairy, Egg or Peanut
  • No PreservativesNo Preservatives