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MTE is a first of its kind, daily supplement that actively supports feel-good energy and foundational well-being together. 1 scoop contains 13 active nootropics, adaptogens and superfoods that support 8 benefits to feeling good and well-being:










MTE is a daily wellness supplement to help us feel best. Much like we use multi-vitamins to supplement our diet, MTE supports us by promoting foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, motivation, focus, even quality of sleep at night.*

It's not a magic bullet - there is no such thing - but in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices like making sleep a priority, staying hydrated, eating right, and staying active, we find MTE is a great tail wind for our efforts to be our best. 


We use 13 powerful adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods to support foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, motivation, focus, even quality of sleep at night.*

If these things are important to you, you’ve found your new daily wellness supplement.

MTE stands for “More Than Energy”, which sums up our mission: to support feeling good and well-being by promoting better energy, a relaxed mood, calm focus, stress resilience, better sleep at night, gut health, and more*.

Not in the way you’ve thought about energy drinks for the last 30 years. Rather than one-dimensional energy, often with a crash, MTE is a plant-powered powder that promotes feel-good energy while also supporting mood, stress resilience, calm focus and many other benefits to well-being that are often ignored.*

Accordingly, MTE was designed to be a daily supplement rather than a quick fix. Mix one scoop with 8oz of cold water or into your favorite protein drink or smoothie once a day to start feeling great. Because MTE’s adaptogens and nootropics act on your vital systems, it helps you have the energy you need to be at your best. It’s a healthy energy supplement that helps eliminate the need to reach for an energy drink in the first place!

Excessive caffeine is counterproductive, which is why our formula only contains 50mg. Instead, we use theacrine, which comes from a green tea leaf, is structurally similar to caffeine, and provides similar energy benefits without any of the common side effects.*

MTE is produced and tested for safety in a manufacturing facility that has the following registrations and certifications: FDA Registered, cGMP, NSF/NSF Sport Certified, OTC, QTC (Quality Certification Services), QAI (Quality Assurance International), IASC Certified, Kosher (On Request), HALAL, Certified Organic, GMP Registered for Sport, GMP Registered for Dietary Supplements, Health Canada Registered.

MTE is manufactured in the United States. 

MTE packaging is BPA free. 

A blend of 13 carefully selected nootropics and adaptogens designed for sustained energy and holistic wellbeing. Made to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, MTE (More Than Energy) supports vitality, mood, focus, stress recovery, sleep quality, and more.*

MTE is a wellness powder with a lychee-passionfruit vibe using all-natural flavors, and sweeteners. No sugar, no fake sugars (like sucralose), and no crap.

MTE and AG1 are definitely different, but they’re also complementary. Athletic Greens are meant as a comprehensive nutritive replacement for your multivitamin, multi-pill supplement routine. AG1 is comprised of over 75 natural ingredients that include superfoods, probiotics, adaptogens, and more. 

MTE is different. With 12 clinically-backed adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods, both MTE and Athletic Greens are green supplements in powder form, but MTE’s formulation is focused on mood, focus and energy. MTE is a boost for your daily routine that offers well-rounded support for natural, sustained energy.


That’s up to you! Our goal is to get people off the caffeine hamster wheel, but that doesn’t mean you have to get religious about cutting out all coffee. MTE works well as a replacement for your morning coffee, but there’s nothing to say you can’t have both! 

Some of our customers like to keep their morning coffee routine and use MTE in the early afternoon for a boost. Others use it as a complete alternative to caffeine-based drinks like coffee or energy shots.

Not technically, but the adaptogens and nootropics that make up MTE work together to support the oxytocin levels in the body. How?

  • Ginseng increases acetylcholine and dopaminergic activity, which is directly involved in social bonding. Strengthened social bonds promote the secretion of oxytocin.

  • L-theanine increases GABA activity, which is related to calm mood, and is also involved in trust and social bonding.

Social bonding makes your brain secrete oxytocin, and once you’ve got oxytocin, it self-perpetuates its own production. So supporting the processes involved in oxytocin production, in turn, help supplement oxytocin levels over time.

We get it – mixed signals? We’re not anti-caffeine, per se – we’re just conservatives about it. A scoop of our greens powder contains 50mg of caffeine. For reference, a 16oz coffee contains 170-200mg and the daily recommended max is 400mg. Our little dose of caffeine (as InnovaTea®) acts as a fuse to light the other 12 bioactive ingredients.

There’s nothing wrong with caffeine in moderation; the excessive use, which we’ve all been guilty of, is where the roller coaster tips from fun to potentially-scary. You can get the details on caffeine on our article, The Perils of Excessive Caffeine Use: How Much is Too Much?

Yes and no. Here’s the breakdown on both these nootropic-packed productivity drinks: Nootropics in both:

  • L-theanine: Studies support L-theanine’s ability to increase antibody response, reduce markers of inflammation, and anti-oxidative activity.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is well-known for its abilities to improve energy, focus and attention while also supporting the immune system with antioxidant activity and free-radical scavenging.

Nootropics in Magic Mind but not MTE:

  • Rhodiola rosea: An adaptogen and nootropic that may help the body adapt to stress and improve both physical and cognitive function.
  • Bacopa monnieri: An herb used in Ayurveda that has been shown to improve cognitive function, memory and mental performance, as well as decrease stress.
  • Lion's mane mushroom: A functional mushroom that has been shown to improve cognitive function and protect the brain from damage.

Nootropics in MTE but not Magic Mind:

  • GABA: Studies have seen GABA improve sleep, stress resilience, cognitive function, and immune function.
  • Theacrine (Teacrine®): Clinical support for enhancing cognitive and physical performance, subjective energy levels, coupled with reduced subjective fatigue.
  • Saffron (Affron®): Clinical experiments back saffron for reducing symptoms of depression, protecting the liver and kidneys, protecting DNA integrity, and enhancing cognitive health.

A couple reasons. First, everyone is different. Whether its age, physical condition, mental health, all of the above – you get it – adaptogens and nootropics affect people differently. Second, because adaptogens and nootropics act systemically, their benefits tend to accumulate over time as they help your body adapt to stress, set it back into balance, and shore up your vital systems. 30 days is the typical time it takes to really see what’s up when it comes to bioactive plants.

While MTE® and MUD\WTR® both offer healthy energy and support for stress, immunity, inflammation, mood and sleep, MUD\WTR® utilizes adaptogenic mushrooms and supportive superfoods, while MTE® uses adaptogens, nootropics and supportive superfoods.

Both products use bioactive plants with experiential and clinical evidence to support their benefits. Both are meant as a daily habit that can serve to replace coffee and energy drinks.


Nootropics replace excessive caffeine to support calm mood, dialed-in focus and heallthy energy, without any of the common pitfalls like jitters, crash and insomnia.


Adaptogens balance & protect by supporting stress resilience, which allows for more natural energy reserves and better sleep at night.


Prebiotic fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut to help reduce inflammation and fight harmful bacteria.

Use it regularly for 30 days and we bet you’ll never want to live without it. Why 30 days?

Adaptogens and nootropics reach full effect around this time.*


It's amazing! You have to try it to believe that something this good, can taste this good. 


MTE was designed as a daily energy supplement rather than a quick fix, so regular use is recommended. If you use 1 scoop of MTE daily, whether in water or as a part of your favorite daily wellness drink, after 30 days, you’ll never want to go without it! And because MTE doesn’t rely on caffeine as its energy source, you’re not up all night if you decide you don’t want it in the morning – maybe you want to use it as an afternoon preworkout. Go for it.

As for our people, some drink it early as a coffee replacement or supplement. Jeff, our co-founder, drinks his around lunch. His dad drinks his MTE in the early afternoon. Drink yours any time that fits your lifestyle and desired results.

Do not exceed 2 scoops in any 24 hour period.

Yes, in fact MTE is a great complement to coffee.

MTE is formulated for adults 18 years and older.

As with every supplement, please consult your healthcare provider before use if you have a 
medical condition, are taking prescription medications or are taking any other dietary supplements, are planning a medical procedure, or are pregnant and/or nursing.

MTE is actually a great idea as a pre-workout. Adaptogens and nootropics get you in the zone, mentally and physically, to perform your best. And as for afterward, those same potent ingredients help with post-workout recovery.

It’s really easy to mix your daily scoop of MTE into pretty much anything you want, including smoothies. You can check out our article on how to incorporate MTE into your daily wellness routine for more suggestions on mixing MTE into other drinks.

Yes; it’s safe to have a serving of both every day, as the majority of ingredient do not overlap, and neither product has a large amount of caffeine.


MTE is a supplement powder for vitality comprised of 13 adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods that offer comprehensive support for 7 big benefits: energy, focus, mood, sleep, stress, immunity, and inflammation. Active ingredients are:

  • ASHWAGANDA is an adaptogen that supports the reduction of stress & anxiety.*
  • SPIRULINA is a superfood that supports Inflammation response, immunity.*
  • ELEUTHERO is an adaptogen that supports energy, immunity.*
  • HOLY BASIL is an adaptogen that supports reduced stress and immune function.*
  • AMARANTH is a superfood that supports sustained energy and performance.*
  • MACA is an adaptogen used to support energy, mood.*
  • L-THEANINE is a nootropic used to support calm concentration.*
  • GABA is a nootropic that supports stress response and a calm mood.*
  • DYNAMINE® is an adaptogen that supports cognition, energy and mood.*
  • TEACRINE® is a nootropic used to support tranquil energy and mood.* 
  • SAFFRON® is a nootropic used to support mood, and quality sleep.*
  • INNOVATEA® is a nootropic used to support daily energy and focus.*

You can access detailed descriptions of each of these on our Ingredients page, and visit our Wellness Blog for articles deep diving into the science behind these potent bioactive plant extracts.

If you’d like to learn even more about any of our ingredients and the benefits they can offer, one of our go-to resources is, a free website by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Choose any ingredient, plug it into the search bar, and you will be amazed at the volume of information available.

Superfoods are nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, grains/cereals, and meats. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other important compounds, superfoods are considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.*

We utilize two superfoods in our formula: Amaranth: A superfood grain that’s been cultivated in the Americas for 6000+ years. It contains all 9 amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Amaranth also contains important fatty acids, and a host of other nutrients that support everything from brain health to immunity to muscle function and energy levels. A recent review of the literature found amaranth has the following effects on the body:

  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Antioxidant support
  • Blood pressure management
  • Cellular support
  • Nervous system support

Spirulina: One of the most well-known superfoods, spirulina was first used as an energy supplement over 1000 years ago. It’s a blue-green algae that was used by the Aztec’s long-distance runners, as well as by NASA as a nutrient-rich food for astronauts. Spirulina is packed with proteins, including a hard-to-find one called phycocyanin, which acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neural protectant. A recent review of the literature found spirulina may be useful for:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Immunomodulation
  • Cholesterol management
  • Diabetes management

Adaptogens are plants, algae or mushrooms with bioactive properties that support healthy stress response by acting on hormonal processes and neurotransmitter activity. As such, adaptogens energize and help us better ‘adapt’ to stress. More stress resilience means better immune response, better mood and more energy.*

The adaptogens we use in our greens supplement are:

Ashwagandha: A rooty plant used for 6000+ years in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha has been shown to support cognitive health, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and have anti-carcinogenic effects in clinical studies.

Eleuthero: A woody shrub and ginseng cousin, the World Health Organization supports its ability to reduce the physical effects of stress on the thymus and spleen, increase resistance to toxic chemicals, and improve sleep duration and quality.

Holy Basil: An herb used for 6000+ years in Ayurveda, studies show it can help reduce the psychological effects of stress, including mood and sleep support, attention, and willingness to adapt.

Maca: A cruciferous vegetable domesticated 2000 years ago in Peru, maca has demonstrated abilities to improve reproductive health, energy levels, physical performance, stress response, and mood in clinical settings.

Methylliberine (Dynamine®): An adaptogenic compound found in several species of tea, studies have seen methylliberine improve cognitive performance, reduce fatigue, act as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, and boost energy and mood.

Often referred to as “cognitive enhancers” or “smart drugs”, nootropics are naturally-derived compounds that can pass through the blood-brain barrier to act on neuronal activity. Nootropics energize and help improve cognitive functions, especially attention, memory, creativity and motivation.*

The nootropics we’ve chosen for our plant-powered mix are:

GABA: GABA is a compound that naturally occurs in the body. It acts as the body’s main “calm down” chemical, and is associated with a feeling of calm that doesn’t come with drowsiness. Studies have seen GABA improve sleep, stress resilience, cognitive function, and immune function.

Theacrine (Teacrine®): Found in the kucha tea plant, theacrine is an alkaloid compound that has clinical support for its ability to enhance both cognitive and physical performance, as well as subjective energy levels, coupled with reduced subjective fatigue.

L-Theanine: A bioactive compound found in black and green tea leaves, the literature supports L-theanine’s abilities to manage stress, mood (anxiety/depression), boost cognitive performance and support quality sleep.

Saffron (Affron®): Utilized by humans in some form for 30000+ years (seriously!), some of saffron’s many talents that clinical experiments back include reducing symptoms of depression, protecting the liver and kidneys, protecting DNA integrity, and enhancing cognitive health.

Green Tea  (InnovaTea®): Green tea is well-known for its abilities to improve energy, focus and attention while also supporting the immune system with antioxidant activity and free-radical scavenging.

Here’s what’s not in MTE:

  • GMOS
  • EGG

 That means MTE’s greens mix is friendly to limited diets like:

  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto

Yes, MTE is Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and appropriate for Keto and Paleo diets

Our Feel-Good Energy Blend is where it’s at when it comes to getting that steady, zoned-in energy you want when you’re going in for a workout. But those aren’t the only ingredients that help with your workout, because they all work together to offer overall support for energy, focus and recovery.

3 of the key ingredients that help optimize your workouts include:

  • Ashwagandha – energy, focus, anti-inflammation

  • Green tea – alertness, endurance, mood, energy

  • Eleuthero – energy, metabolism, athletic performance


  • Theacrine (as Teacrine®) – energy, focus

  • Methyliberine (as Dynamine®) – energy, focus, mood, oxygen uptake

  • Green Tea (as InnovaTea®) – energy, mood, alertness, attention

  • Maca root powder – sustained energy and calm, even mood

Oh, and don’t be thrown by the ®s - these are clean, natural, concentrated extracts.


  • Ashwagandha root extract – mood, motivation, anti-anxiety, stress resilience

  • L-theanine – calm concentration, sleep health, immune support

  • GABA – relaxation, anti-stress, anti-anxiety, immunity

  • Holy basil – mood, energy, stress resilience

  • Eleuthero – energy, nerve health, stamina

  • Saffron (as Affron®) – mood, memory, brain health

  • Spirulina – inflammation, immune support, endurance

  • Amaranth – athletic performance, longevity, nutrition


Nope! Stevia is an all-natural extract that comes straight from the stevia plant. It’s been used as a sweetener in South America for centuries. The cool thing is that it’s 300x sweeter than sugar and 0 calories, which means you need just a touch to get a great taste.

Yes; InnovaTea® is natural. It is a clean, premium, 98% standardized extract from the green tea plant. You can find more info in our article all about InnovaTea®.

Adaptogens don’t give you more energy, per se. What they do is optimize your body’s energy-production signaling while reducing your body’s stress-signaling. This (1) helps the body produce more of its own energy and (2) frees up resources and energy the body would spend fighting all that stress signaling. 

Interested in what adaptogens can do to boost your energy and mood without the stress side effects that come with caffeine? Check out our article: Adaptogen Stacking for Stress-Free Energy.

Methylliberine is an adaptogenic compound found in several species of tea leaf that has several bioactive benefits and acts in a complementary way to theacrine and caffeine. Methylliberine stalls the activity of adenosine (the “I’m tired” chemical), and also supports dopamine and norepinephrine signaling. This results, biologically, in promoting a positive mood and increased energy, coupled with reduced stress.

MTE’s formula includes methylliberine as Dynamine®, which is a pure, concentrated extract.

Chicory is a flowering plant widely used across the world for centuries. It’s considered a superfood with adaptogenic abilities. Each part of the plant has medicinal qualities, but the roots are where the real good stuff is at. Traditionally, chicory root tonics and pastes have been used for everything from treating gout to malaria to wounds. We included it in our formula because there is scientific evidence to indicate it is:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-allergen
  • Digestion aid
  • Liver support
  • Immune support
  • Antioxidant
  • Heart protectant

Yes! MTE is suitable for both Kosher and Halal diets.

Because caffeine isn’t a solution to fatigue – it’s just a temporary band-aid. We felt like the energy drink market had a hole: a holistic, natural alternative to excessive caffeine, sugars and artificial… stuff. We chose bioactive plants as the foundation for our formula that offer the benefits of energy drinks without the negative stuff like anxiety, jitters and dependence. How?

  • Adaptogens promote stress resilience, mood, healthy energy levels, and recovery by fighting the negative effects of chronic stress. This frees up energy the body would be spending dealing with stress, which not only supports against fatigue, but promotes immunity and fights inflammation as well.
  • Nootropics promote focus, concentration, mood, and healthy sleep by modulating neurochemical signaling in the brain. Nootropics help balance levels of important chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine, which provides mental clarity, calm mood, and a tranquil, zoned-in focus.

Don’t let the trademark scare you – or the weird names. Our formula is 100% natural, plant-derived, vegan, and free of shady ingredients. The reason InnovaTea® (green tea), Dynamine® (methylliberine), Affron® (saffron) and Teacrine® (theacrine) are listed as registered products is because they are premium, high-quality extracts produced in a proprietary way.

Registered trademarks protect the unique methods each company uses to produce these extracts, but it in no way means the product is unnatural, processed or has any additives – because they don’t!

Superfoods are the perfect complement to an adaptogen-nootropic stack! They support the adaptogens and nootropics by providing comprehensive nutrition – especially important compounds we often don’t get enough of. We chose two proven, multi-talented superfoods for our greens powder:

Spirulina: In clinical research, spirulina has demonstrated the ability to boost energy, immunity and healthy cholesterol. It also has anti-cancer properties.

Amaranth: In clinical research, amaranth has presented anti-allergen, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties, as well as nervous system support, cell health support and reduced inflammation.


Theacrine is a purine alkaloid that has a similar chemical structure to caffeine. Theacrine acts on targeted receptors to give you an energy boost, the way caffeine does, but offers a longer, more sustained, calm and even energy than caffeine. In addition, there is no chance of tolerance, dependence or withdrawal with theacrine.

Nootropics regulate and modulate neuronal activity to balance all that brain-body messaging back out. Many nootropics specifically target learning, memory and emotion centers of the brain, such as the HPA axis, the limbic system and the amygdala. Nootropics also promote the production of dopamine, which helps get you in a calm, positive mood.

There are a few answers to this question:

  • Ashwagandha supports sleep health by lowering cortisol levels, and studies have shown it has a positive effect on sleep quality and insomnia.

  • GABA and L-theanine (which tells your body to create more GABA) calm down overexcited neurons to fight stress and anxious moods. Paired together, they’ve been shown to increase sleep duration and quality.

  • Saffron, in clinical studies, has improved sleep quality ratings, mood after awakening ratings and insomnia classifications.

  • Trials on holy basil have resulted in better subjective sleep scores and measures of stress, as well as reported measure of sleep quality.

The HPA axis is responsible for reactions to stressors. It stands for the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, because these are the three locations in the brain that work together to create and then dissipate stress responses. In other words, the HPA axis is the neuroendocrine link between physical and psychological responses to stress.

Ashwagandha is thought to reduce the effects of stress by acting as a modulator for the HPA axis and a nervous system suppressant. In addition, ashwagandha has shown an ability to lower cortisol levels and subjective levels of perceived stress and anxiety. 

Ashwagandha has also shown an ability to increase dopamine levels; one study concluded that ashwagandha supplements were comparable to the depression/anxiety medication lorazepam.

Eleuthero, also known as Siberian ginseng, is a somewhat mysterious adaptogen. The exact mechanisms by which it acts on the body are still opaque, but clinical evidence supports eleuthero’s ability to:

  • Improve cognitive and athletic performance under stressful conditions

  • Regulate blood pressure and reduce cholesterol

  • Boost the immune system via cellular genesis

  • Reduce negative activity-induced blood coagulation

Both! And it’s also a nootropic. And an amino acid. GABA’s (gamma-aminobutyric acid) main role is as the body’s main inhibitory neurotransmitter, aka the calm-down chemical. GABA suppresses overexcited neurons while its complementary chemical glutamate increases activity in underactive neurons. Lower, balanced neuronal activity = a calm, even mood and a better stress response.

In isolated stress responses, cortisol spikes are beneficial. But in chronic stress responses, not so much. Cortisol puts stress on the adrenal and cardiovascular system, which eventually weakens your immune response. Negative effects of cortisol include:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Irritability

  • Fatigue

  • GI problems

  • Increased blood pressure

Chronic stress puts undue wear and tear on your body’s systems. Stress-induced illnesses are a thing, and chronic stress has been linked to dozens of psychological and physical maladies, including:

  • Migraines 

  • Heart disease

  • Respiratory problems

  • Hypertension

  • Memory and cognitive impairments

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Insomnia 

Because several of the adaptogens and nootropics in MTE work in and around the emotion and behavior control centers of the brain, MTE supports sufficient levels of dopamine, the feel-good chemical. The specific ingredients in MTE with data to back their ability to increase dopamine levels include:

  • Eleuthero

  • Ashwagandha

  • L-theanine


Totally! You should check out our Wellness Blog (Be ready to do a deep dive, if a healthy lifestyle is your thing). You’ll find tips on adaptogens and nootropics to add to your routine, articles on the uses and dangers of things like caffeine and artificial sweeteners, how to reduce stress, natural ways to boost energy levels, sleep quality and more.. you know, since we add new ones all the time.

Short answer: things get weird real fast. Dopamine isn’t just a feel-good chemical; it’s involved in several other super important systems, including motivation, learning, memory, focus, and even movement. Dopamine deficiencies are implicated in many psychological and neuromuscular conditions.

Symptoms of a dopamine deficiency can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood disturbances
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Hand tremors
  • Muscle cramps/pain/stiffness

Long-term effects of a dopamine deficiency can include:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • OCD
  • Major depressive disorder
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Parkinson’s Disease

Learn more about the ill-effects of dopamine deficiencies, what you can do to support your dopamine levels, and how MTE can help, check out our article, The Many Dangers of a Dopamine Deficiency.

Good question! Short answer: because of the way caffeine works. Slightly less short answer:

  • Caffeine tells your body to release a bunch of WAKE UP chemicals while smothering the I’M TIRED ones. When caffeine starts to wear off, which can be as early as 2 hours if you have a caffeine tolerance, it loses its grip on the I’M TIRED chemicals, which then rebound. Aggressively.
  • Caffeine tolerance is a real thing. If you rely on caffeine to maintain decent energy levels, you’ll need more and more over time. Suddenly, that energy drink that used to give you a huge kick does nearly nothing to clear your mind.
  • You drinking water, though? Caffeine is a diuretic, which is why you have to pee all the time when mainlining coffee at work. If you’re not drinking water, you’re dehydrated. This causes tiredness, fogginess, low energy, etc, even if you’re stuffed to the gills with caffeine.

Learn more about the crappy side of caffeine in our article: The Perils of Excessive Caffeine Use: How Much is Too Much?

And check out our article about theacrine, a zero-side effect alternative to caffeine that we utilize in our natural, low-caffeine energy drink: Energy Without the Crash: How Theacrine is Revolutionizing the Caffeine Game

Adaptogens fight the psychological and physical effects of stress by modulating neurochemical signaling in the body. Different adaptogens might affect neurotransmitter, hormonal, or other chemical activity in a way that increases the body’s resistance to the negative effects of stress in 1 or more ways:

  1. Reducing levels of stress hormones
  2. Increasing immune system capacity
  3. Modulating activity in the HPA axis

For more, check out our article: Adaptogens: A New Name for Some Very Old Medicinal Herbs

Exactly what it sounds like! Adaptogen stacking is when you purposefully use a selection of adaptogens together to achieve a purpose – like reduced stress, better mood, more energy, etc. By combining adaptogens with specific abilities, they can enhance and support each other’s effects to truly transform how you feel.

Learn about adaptogen stacking and get tips on some of the best adaptogen stacks in our article: Adaptogen Stacking for Stress-Free Energy.

Biohacking is basically just tweaking the body back into balance. It could refer to supplements, activities, devices – any tool you can use to affect your neuro-immune system in a positive way. We refer to MTE’s formula as biohacking because the adaptogens and nootropics in our greens supplement literally hack your body back into a homeostasis by acting on important systems that regulate mood, focus, energy, sleep, immunity, and more.

You can learn about how one of MTE’s key nootropics, GABA, hacks your daily energy levels back into balance in our article: GABA: Nootropic, Amino Acid, Neurotransmitter, or All of the Above?

And for more about the rarest class of bioactive plants, read our article: Adaptogens: A New Name for Some Very Old Medicinal Herbs


We have a 60-day-money-back guarantee (we’re MTE after all, we wouldn’t want to ADD stress). If you are dissatisfied with your first purchase...first, are you mixing it with very cold water? Have you tried adding it to a smoothie?

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