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MTE was designed to help us feel best throuh the promotion of feel-good energy, a relaxed mood, calm focus, stress resilience, and quality of sleep at night. Instead of a quick fix we formulated to support the very things causing us to reach for a supplement in the first place.*

For example, we recognize that while excessive caffeine can support energy, it also limits our ability to support other health benefits like stress response, so we replace excessive caffeine with a nootropic that has all the benefits of caffeine without any of the side-effects.*

The formula is full of nuances like this. In total, we use a proprietary combination of four adaptogens, five nootropics and two superfoods to support seven benefits to well-being*.


MTE is a daily wellness supplement to help us feel best. Much like we use multi-vitamins to supplement our diet, MTE supports us by promoting foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, motivation, focus, even quality of sleep at night.*

It's not a magic bullet - there is no such thing - but in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices like making sleep a priority, staying hydrated, eating right, and staying active, we find MTE is a great tail wind for our efforts to be our best. 


We use 11 powerful adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods to support foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, motivation, focus, even quality of sleep at night.*

If these things are important to you, you’ve found your new daily wellness supplement.

MTE stands for “More Than Energy”, which sums up our mission: to improve quality of life by promoting better energy, but also a relaxed mood, calm focus, stress resilience, and more*.

Not in the way you’ve thought about energy drinks for the last 30 years. Rather than one-dimensional energy, often with a crash, MTE promotes feel-good energy while also supporting mood, stress resilience, calm focus and many other benefits to well-being that are often ignored.* 

Accordingly, MTE was desinged to be a daily supplement rather than a quick fix.


Excessive caffeine is counterproductive, which is why our formula only contains 50mg. Instead, we use theacrine, which comes from a green tea leaf, is structurally similar to caffeine, and provides similar energy benefits without any of the common side effects.*

MTE is produced and tested for safety in a manufacturing facility that has the following registrations and certifications: FDA Registered, cGMP, NSF/NSF Sport Certified, OTC, QTC (Quality Certification Services), QAI (Quality Assurance International), IASC Certified, Kosher (On Request), HALAL, Certified Organic, GMP Registered for Sport, GMP Registered for Dietary Supplements, Health Canada Registered.

MTE is manufactured in the United States. 

MTE packaging is BPA free. The bottles and caps are 100% recyclable, lighter than glass and emit 
fewer greenhouse gases.

A healthy wellness supplement that uses 11 adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods to support euphoric energy, a relaxed mood, calm focus, stress response - even quality of sleep at night.*


MTE activates energy through the promotion of dopamine, which provides tranquil energy, calm focus and relaxed mood without overworking our adrenals. An advanced blend of adaptogens and nootropics also work to help you recover from physical and mental stress faster, while also helping to restore homeostasis to the body.*

By promoting balance, stress resilience, mood, sleep and more, MTE supports many of the issues at the cause of why you might reach for a boost in the first place*.

Use it regularly for 30 days and we bet you’ll never want to live without it. Why 30 days?

Adaptogens and nootropics reach full effect around this time.*


MTE doesn’t taste great. But if you are interested in foundational wellness, whole ingredients, being healthy, feeling good the right way with nothing artificial, etc. you’re going to love it.*

Nothing out there uses 11 powerful adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods - like we do, to support foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, focus, even quality of sleep at night - like we do.*

If these things are important to you, you’ve found your new daily wellness supplement

MTE was designed as a daily supplement rather than a quick fix, so regular use is reccomended.

Some drink it early as a coffee replacement or supplement. Jeff, our co-founder, drinks his around lunch. His dad drinks his MTE in the early afternoon. Drink yours any time that fits your lifestyle and desired results. 

Do not exceed 2 bottles in any 24 hour period.

Yes, in fact MTE is a great complement to coffee.

MTE can be stored at room temperature until opened.

MTE is formulated for adults 18 years and older.

As with every supplement, please consult your healthcare provider before use if you have a 
medical condition, are taking prescription medications or are taking any other dietary supplements, are planning a medical procedure, or are pregnant and/or nursing.


·       ASHWAGANDA supports the reduction of stress & anxiety.*
·       SPIRULINA supports Inflammation response, immunity*
·       SIBERIAN GINSENG supports energy, immunity*
·       HOLY BASIL Supports reduced stress and immune function*
·       AMARANTH Supports sustained energy and performance*
·       MACA Used to support energy, mood*
·       L-THEANINE Used to support calm concentration*
·       GABA Support stress response and a calm mood*
·       TEACRINE® Used to support tranquil energy and mood*
·       SAFFRON® Used to support mood, and quality sleep*
·       INNOVATEA® Used to support daily energy and focus*

You can also access the full list and descriptions here.

If you’d like to learn even more about one of our ingredients and the benefits they can offer, one of our favorite free resources is a free website of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Choose any ingredient, plug it into the search bar, and you will be amazed at the volume of information available.

Superfoods are nutrient-rich and considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.*

In our formula: Amaranth, Spirulina.

Adaptogens energize and help us better ‘adapt’ to stress. More stress resilience means better immune response, better mood and more energy.*

In our formula: Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Holy Basil, Maca.

Nootropics energize and help improve cognitive functions, especially attention, memory, creativity and motivation.*

In our formula: GABA, Teacrine®, L-Theanine, Affron®, InnovaTea®

Contains tree nuts (Coconut)

MTE does not contain
·       Dairy
·       Wheat
·       Gluten
·       Corn
·       Lactose or sucrose
·       Egg
·       Peanuts
·       Animal byproducts

Yes, MTE is Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and appropriate for Keto and Paleo diets


Our 4 Packs are covered under our stress-free-15-day-money-back guarantee (we’re MTE after all, we wouldn’t want to ADD stress). If you are dissatisfied with your first 4 pack purchase...first, are you shaking them well immediately prior to consumption? Have you tried refrigerating them? And finally, have you tried adding your favorite sweetener (if that’s your thing)?

Still not feeling it? Please reach out to us at We’d love to hear more about your experience and our customer care team will be sure to get your refund sorted out.

Due to the nature of our product, we won't ask you to return it, so we encourage you to share it with a friend or colleague. Who knows, you may just make their day.

For subscriptions, you will receive an email notification a few days before your order is processed. Please be sure to make any updates at that time before your order is confirmed. Once your subscription order is processed and you get a confirmation email, it’s already in the works and we cannot provide refunds or exchanges. Cancelling your subscription at this point will apply to future orders, not the order that just processed.


You will be sent an email confirmation with a tracking number once your order has shipped.

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