Energy, Mood, Focus, Recovery*
  • Patented Ingredients.
  • Clinically Studied Benefits.
  • Adaptogens & Nootropics.
  • No Shady Ingredients.
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness
MTE - Daily Energy & Wellness

MTE® - Daily Energy & Wellness

Clinically studied ingredients support calm mood, jitter-free energy, focus, sleep at night & more.*

  • Patented Nootropics Replace Excessive Caffeine.
  • 13 Adaptogens, Nootropics & Superfoods.
  • No Artificial or Shady Ingredients.
  • Accumulating Benefit.*

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Designed for Daily Use

One Ultimate Supplement That Boosts Energy, Focus & More:

Calm Mood*

Dialed-In Focus*

Stress Response*

Restorative Sleep*

Gut Health*


  1. What is MTE?

    A blend of 13 carefully selected nootropics and adaptogens designed for sustained energy and holistic wellbeing. Made to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, MTE (More Than Energy) supports vitality, mood, focus, stress recovery, sleep quality, and more.*

  2. Benefits of Daily Use?

    One scoop provides both immediate and accumulating benefits.

    ENERGY: Nootropics support calm energy by promoting dopamine and its ability to engage motivation.*


    STRESS RESPONSE: Adaptogens help the body adapt to and defend against the toxicity of stress.*


    MOOD: Advanced support for the reduction of tension, anger, confusion, and fatigue.*


    SLEEP & RECOVERY: Support to keep cortisol levels in optimal range, which means more natural energy reserves and better-quality sleep at night.*


    GUT HEALTH: Chicory root acts as a prebiotic, which means it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, which play a role in reducing inflammation, fighting harmful bacteria, and improving mineral absorption.*

  3. Who is MTE for?

    5am gym-goers, parents on carpool duty, aspiring TikTok stars, pickleball obsessives, first-time founders…

    Anyone looking for a boost of energy and a straightforward way to support their overall wellbeing.


  4. How to drink it?

    Mix with 8-12oz of cold water; with your favorite juice; or your favorite smoothie. For best results, drink immediately upon mixing.

  5. What's the Best Time to Drink MTE?

    MTE was formulated as a daily wellness supplement, so the best time to take it is whenever you remember to! It does boost energy, so we generally suggest drinking it at least a few hours before going to sleep. Think: pre-workout, in lieu of your afternoon coffee, or alongside your morning multivitamin.

Healthy Ingredients Supporting Energy, Focus, Mood & More - the right way


Feel Good Energy*

Multiple Benefits to Wellbeing

Tonified Adrenals*

All Natural Flavors

Benefits that Accumulate*

Convenience & Quality

No Refined Sugar or GMO's

Nootropics, Adaptogens & Superfoods


Excessive caffeine, jitters & crash

One dimensional

Strain on adrenal glands

Artificial flavors

Single use / finite benefits

Convenience over quality

Sugar, Fake Sugar & GMO's

Powered by stimulants

13 Powerhouse Ingredients















Holy Basil

Holy Basil

Siberian Ginseng




Green Tea



Chicory Root