Faster, longer lasting energy than caffeine - without the crash or jitters.

13 nootropics & adaptogens offer a healthy alternative to excessive caffeine by increasing dopamine’s ability to engage motivation - without overworking your adrenals.*

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Unlike one-off energy boosts achieved via typical stimulants, Teacrine® is thought to influence the adenosine and dopamine systems, providing an energy boost that comes with a calming effect. Data indicates this nootropic out-performs caffeine in productive energy while also scoring lower than caffeine in jitters, depression and lethargy. This motivational form of energy spares the overworking of our adrenals while increasing mental focus, promoting calm awareness and an overall sense of mental well-being. ¹


Studies indicate this multi-talented adaptogen helps keep our cortisol levels in the optimal range by attenuating the response of the HPA axis to stressors. Lower reactivity and cortisol levels means less strain on the body from fighting stress, leaving us free to produce natural energy reserves during the day and get better quality sleep at night. ²


An adaptogen that supports your body’s ability to adapt to or resist what's going on in and around it, like anxiety, stress, and depression. Some scientific evidence suggests that it also can provide a shot of energy. ³


This natural tea extract, standardized to 98% caffeine, activates noradrenaline neurons, which seems to affect the local release of dopamine. This triggers a range of performance-specific benefits, including improved focus, elevated alertness, faster reaction time, reduced fatigue, and increased endurance. Natural caffeine may offer longer-lasting, more sustainable energy boosts than synthetic caffeine while also supporting mood and cognition more


Studies have shown this adaptogen herb can boost energy, metabolism, and physical performance while also having a positive effect on cardiovascular health.


An alkaloid derived from the kucha tea plant thought to have energizing effects similar to caffeine. Dynamine™ is said to help improve focus, mental clarity, and energy levels.