MTE® vs Recess®: Comparing Anti-Stress Adaptogen Drinks
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Table of Contents

  1. Comparing Recess® and MTE®
  2. How Recess® and MTE® work
  3. Benefits of Recess® and MTE®
  4. Recess® Ingredients vs. MTE® Ingredients 
  5. Recess® and MTE® Pricing & Packaging
  6. Other Highlights Recess® vs. MTE®



Can An Adaptogen Drink Help You Calm Down? Recess® vs MTE®

It seems we’re all looking for a way to chill out without needing a 4-hour nap to feel calm and tranquil. Well, let’s be honest – nobody’s felt calm and tranquil after a 4-hour nap. More like, What year is it?!


Anyway – alcohol is the go-to for fun, low-key vibes. But alcohol’s got its caveats. It’s not healthy, not to mention too much of it does make you wanna pass out. Plus, it’s not exactly appropriate to pour some whiskey in your coffee at 9am because you’re stressed about the awkward lunch you planned with your ex. But what else have we got? Prescriptions? Also not really a win-win. 


But there are new products out there offering a healthy, clean alternative to alcohol and pills to get that positive, calm vibe we’re searching for? Yes! Both Recess® and MTE® are adaptogenic alternatives to not-as-healthy unwind habits that can offer you an additional option that’s natural and positive for wellness.


Let’s look at how both of these adaptogen-stacked drinks work and compare the specs on MTE® & Recess®:


How it Works

Where Does the Chilled Out Vibe Come From in MTE® & Recess®?

MTE® is a wellness companion to help replace things like excessive caffeine for energy or alcohol for stress reduction. It utilizes an advanced blend of adaptogens and nootropics to help your body balance itself into a calm, clear state.


Recess® is a sparkling water meant to taste like a cocktail, so its purpose is a little more specific than MTE®. But Recess® also knows the power of natural nootropics and adaptogens, so uses the same mechanisms as MTE® to give you that tranquil, unburdened feeling.


So, how do adaptogens and nootropics work?


Adaptogens are plants, mushrooms, algae, and other flora that help the body adapt to stress. Adaptogens are thought to work by regulating the body's stress response system. They often have broad-spectrum effects, because balancing that activity has a cascade of positive health benefits besides just feeling clear, calm and chill.


Nootropics are a diverse group of substances – synthetic and natural – that are thought to enhance cognitive function. Each has a specific route by which it boosts brain function; some modulate neurotransmitters, others increase the generation of new neurons, and others reduce oxidative stress and improve blood flow to the brain. Nootropics can offer a feeling of being present, together and ready for whatever situation you’re in.



What’s Good? Advantages of Recess® vs MTE® Adaptogen Drinks

Let’s look at what each of these anti-stress drinks claim to do:


Recess®’ sparkling adaptogen water blends key herbs with bioactive properties that:


  • A refreshing alternative to alcohol that still acts and tastes like your favorite cocktails
  • A balanced boost of energy and focus
  • Reduced feelings of tension and stress


MTE®’s daily greens powder is comprised of 13 carefully-curated ingredients that support and promote:


  • Stress resilience
  • Zoned-in focus
  • Energy boost
  • Calm, clear mood
  • Quality rest/recovery
  • Immunity
  • Reduced inflammation



What’s Inside? Comparing Adaptogen Stacks in MTE® & Recess®

Adaptogens and nootropics are rarer classes of compounds, especially since neither Recess® nor MTE® use any synthetic ones. So, we see an overlap in both products’ active ingredients. Both Recess® and MTE®’s calming formulas contain:


L-theanine (Nootropic)

An amino acid found in some plants and medicinal mushrooms, l-theanine reduces feelings of stress and promotes relaxation without drowsiness. It’s thought to do this by modulating key neurotransmitters in the brain to hack the interconnected systems of mood, energy, focus, wakefulness, etc. back into balanced, functional communication. This includes supporting levels neurotransmitters that:


  • Have calming and relaxing effects not associated with drowsiness
  • Promote motivation and reward
  • Facilitate learning and memory formation/retention


L-theanine has also been shown to improve nighttime rest by promoting the production of alpha waves, which are brain waves associated with relaxation and meditation. 


Ginseng (Adaptogen)

Panax ginseng (in Recess®) and its cousin eleuthero (in MTE®) share many of the same bioactive properties, but in clinical settings, eleuthero has shown additional abilities, too. Ginsengs fight the physical and psychological effects of stress, which can result in several benefits:


  • Increased immunity
  • Better stress resilience
  • Better cognitive performance
  • Improved sleep health
  • Better physical performance


Other adaptogens and nootropics utilized by MTE®, and their intended purposes, are:


  • Ashwagandha for reduced stress/tension
  • Maca for sustained energy and mood
  • GABA for tranquil mood
  • Holy basil for reduced stress and boosted immunity
  • Chicory root for stress response and gut health
  • Methylliberine for energy and focus
  • Amaranth for sustained energy
  • Spirulina for inflammation response and immunity
  • Green tea for energy and focus
  • Theacrine for euphoric energy and focus
  • Saffron for peaceful mood and better recovery


Recess®, on the other hand, uses:


  • Hemp balances the mind and centers the body
  • Lemon balm supports equilibrium and helps you unwind
  • Guayusa for a balanced boost
  • Magnesium for cognitive support
  • Passion flower balances ups and downs


Pricing & Packaging

Logistics: MTE® vs Recess® Cost & Convenience

On a daily basis, what are we dealing with when we talk about using MTE® or Recess®?


MTE® is a non-caffeinated daily energy drink powder that comes in 30-serving bags with a measured scoop included. Available online directly from the company’s website, a subscription to MTE® comes in at $1.98 per drink, and will just show up at your door once a month – no errands needed.


Recess® is also a caffeine-free turn-up, wind-down canned sparkling water that can replace alcoholic drinks (though the company also offers mood powders in tubs and packets). Available on the company’s site and on Amazon, a Recess® subscription comes in 12-packs that break down to $3.33 per can.


Other Highlights

More Cool Stuff About Recess® & MTE®

But wait – there’s more! The thing about adaptogen-laden, natural alternatives to energy drinks and alcohol is that they naturally come with additional cool stuff. For instance, the form of magnesium in Recess® provides nutrition for the brain, and their formula also includes electrolytes for balanced hydration. Recess® is also low-sugar and low-calorie, and uses real fruit juice to flavor it.


MTE® is a low-caffeine, no-sugar option to replace things like coffee, energy drinks or those two post-office glasses of wine. Free of excessive caffeine and artificial sweeteners, MTE®’s daily greens supplement powder is also:


  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Organic


So, if you’re looking for a true substitute for alcoholic cocktails, Recess® is definitely for you. With the nootropics for energy and focus, and the adaptogens for a calm, peaceful mood, Recess® imitates the pro-social, pro-relaxation feeling of real cocktails. 


On the other hand, if you’re looking for an all-around mood and health booster that combines those same feelings of clear focus and tranquil energy, MTE® is a better alternative for substances like caffeine and sugar – things like coffee, tea and energy drinks. 


Curious about how a greens powder can replace unhealthy habits? Learn more about MTE®.

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