MTE® & AG1®: Comparing & Contrasting Energy Powders
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Table of Contents

  1. Comparing Athletic Greens ® and MTE
  2. How Athletic Greens ® and MTE Work
  3. Benefits of Athletic Greens ® and MTE
  4. Athletic Greens ® Ingredients vs. MTE Ingredients 
  5. Athletic Greens ® and MTE Pricing
  6. Athletic Greens ® and MTE Packaging
  7. Other Highlights of Athletic Greens ® vs. MTE



The All-Around Player & the Underdog: Comparing MTE & AG1 ®

Many of our friends and customers, as health enthusiasts (who isn’t?), want to know what’s the difference between Athletic Greens® and MTE? And they want a simple pros-and-cons answer (who doesn’t?) about it so they can decide between the two. But not only is it not really an MTE-vs-Athletic Greens® situation, it’s also not that simple. 


There are similarities, differences and symbioses between MTE and AG1®, but they’re also not supposed to serve the same purpose. So there’s a bit more to discuss, because we’re talking apples and oranges… or maybe nootropic supplements vs nutrition ones, if we’re staying on topic.


How it Works


Biohacking Your Body with MTE vs Athletic Greens ®

Okay so firstly, AG1® and MTE are not for the same thing. Athletic Greens® is a greens powder - a blend of 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, nutrients, adaptogens, and superfoods. It’s meant to provide full daily nutrition, like a multivitamin except way better. Athletic Greens® hacks your body’s energy production by supporting gut health, immunity, energy, and recovery with comprehensive nutrition.


MTE is also a powder supplement made of bioactive plants, but is meant as an augmentation to nutrition: a daily wellness drink comprised of 12 clean, plant-sourced adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods. MTE is meant to serve as a tailwind to help you live your best life. Our formulation supports energy, mood, recovery, stress response, and more, without excessive caffeine or sugar. MTE promotes balanced neurochemical activity in the brain, giving you a healthy boost on a biological level.


As far as use goes, Athletic Greens® are meant to be drank daily in an 8-10oz mix of cold water on an empty stomach, but close to a meal time. Drinking it on an empty stomach helps with nutrient absorption, so many AG1® users choose to add it to their morning routine.


When it comes to MTE, it can be mixed with water or anything else you want, and taken anytime from the morning to the afternoon. You can use it as a replacement for coffee, a pre-workout, or just a healthy energy boost because you need (and deserve!) one. MTE is also meant to be taken daily, because adaptogens and nootropics reach their full effects with consistent use.


Want to make things extra-easy? Combine your daily scoops of AG1® and MTE into one superdrink.




Energy from the Inside Out: Benefits of MTE & AG1 ®

Both MTE and Athletic Greens® promise a lot, but they’ve got the science (and the customer reviews!) to back it up. And there’s some overlap, sure, but AG1®’s focus on gut health and immunity is a bit different than MTE’s focus on energy and stress resilience.


Athletic Greens® benefits include:


  • Bolstered digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Immune system support
  • Support for athletic recovery
  • Sustained daily energy


Athletic Greens® is meant for those with an active lifestyle, who need simple and convenient ways to get the nourishment they need to perform at their best. 


MTE operates on a similar framework – using your own biology to help you feel your best from the inside out – but gets a bit more specific in its targeted benefits. The adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods in MTE support and promote:


  • Nightly rest and recovery
  • Calm mood
  • Concentration and focus
  • Reduced inflammatory response
  • Jitter-free, sustained energy
  • Performance and stamina
  • Stress response
  • Vigor and well-being


Our healthy energy powder is meant for adults of all ages 18+ who want to start feeling better and getting back to having the energy to have fun in life. It’s the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle that includes solid nutrition and regular physical activity.




What’s in the Box?! MTE vs Athletic Greens ® Formulations

There are some major differences in formulations between MTE and AG1®, because they’re meant to serve different purposes. The biggest difference might be that MTE is made of 13 ingredients and Athletic Greens® is more like 75.


MTE’s formulation was designed to promote balanced levels of the neurochemicals key for mood, motivation, stress, and focus, streamlining CNS communications to help your body back into a good space systemically. The 13 ingredients include 5 adaptogens, 5 nootropics, and 3 superfoods. They were all carefully chosen to help the body adapt to and overcome stress (adaptogens), support cognition and focus (nootropics), and provide essential nutrients (superfoods). 


MTE’s ingredients are all natural, plant-sourced compounds that are each backed by a body of research and also sometimes thousands of years of use in medicine. Some of the powerhouse elements of this daily green drink include:


  • Amaranth: superfood (supports athletic performance, nutrition and longevity)
  • Holy basil: adaptogen (supports immunity and buffers stress response)
  • L-Theanine: nootropic (promotes concentration and stress resilience)
  • Maca: adaptogen (supports sustained energy and calm mood)
  • Saffron: nootropic (promotes balanced mood and nightly recovery)
  • Spirulina: superfood (promotes immunity and supports against inflammation)


Athletic Greens® replaces and replenishes the body with vital nutrients, probiotics, and adaptogens to support gut health, wellness, immunity, and athletic recovery. Its ingredients include vitamins and minerals, whole food-sourced nutrients, and those all-important probiotics and adaptogens. Some of the essential compounds in AG1®'s herbal mix include:


  • ALA (supports energy production and blood sugar regulation)
  • Beta glucan (antioxidant, microbiome and immune system support)
  • Copper (supplies energy and strengthens connective tissue)
  • Dandelion root (supports heart, liver, gallbladder, urinary tract, and digestion)
  • Hawthorn berry (cardiovascular antioxidant)
  • Vitamin C (promotes immune health and nutrient absorption)


There are a few ingredients you’ll find in both Athletic Greens® and MTE… honestly, if you ask us, these should be staples in every health and wellness-focused drink:



This adaptogen has been an MVP in traditional medicines across the world starting around 6000 years ago. Seems pretty legit. Packed with a bunch of bioactive compounds, ashwagandha brings homeostasis back to everything from our immune system to our musculoskeletal system. 


We’re talking increased fertility, decreased stress, better physical performance and VO2 Max, faster recovery, and mood management, all in one bitter plant. And there’s clinical evidence that supports all those claims; in lab settings, ashwagandha has done things like:


  • Demonstrated an equivalent calming effect to a common class of prescriptions
  • Effectively stopped and reversed neuritic atrophy and synaptic death
  • Improved digestive and metabolic function
  • Reduced joint pain



Also known as Siberian ginseng, eleuthero isn’t a ginseng at all. But it does some neat stuff, both things that actual ginseng can do, but also some things it can’t. It’s also got at least a couple thousand years’ worth of use in traditional medicines behind it, and has been used in immunity tonics and pastes for things like fatigue, viral infections, insomnia, blood sugar problems, bronchitis, cholesterol, and joint pain.


Modern clinical research has gathered a good amount of evidence that Siberian ginseng/eleuthero supports:


  • Better sleep health
  • Increased immune system strength
  • Reduced oxidative stress on the body
  • Reduced physical effects of stress on the thymus, stomache and spleen


Green Tea

You’ll find premium extracts of that ubiquitous green tea leaf in both Athletic Greens® and MTE. Tea-sourced caffeine is some of the smoothest and cleanest caffeine out there. And green tea is low-key an adaptogen, nootropic and superfood. It also has solid antioxidant abilities, as it’s full of compounds that scavenge free radicals, reducing environmental stress on the body. 


This not only shores up your immune system but reduces overall stress, all while providing natural, healthy energy. Both MTE and Athletic Greens® utilize green tea extracts in these ways, and not as a way to pack caffeine into our products. Because we don’t need to! And also – gross.




Wellness is Worth it: Comparing MTE & AG1®’s Price Points

MTE and AG1® are also comparable in price. Conveniently, subscriptions are for 30-day servings. The main difference here between MTE and AG1® is that with Athletic Greens®, you have to pay shipping on each order.




Does it Really Matter What’s on the Outside? Yeah, Kind of. 

MTE and AG1® have a lot in common here, too! It makes sense – there are only so many ways to package a powder mix. However, MTE’s packaging offers a bit more information on what you’re getting up front – mostly because our formulation is pared down and our purpose is focused. Both products come in 30-serving bags with clean, modern designs. Athletic Greens® also has a canister option you can add onto your order. 


Other Highlights


There’s More to MTE & Athletic Greens ® than Just the Specs

Another thing we love about Athletic Greens® is the swag. They don’t just give you a powder mix and call it a day – they give you the stuff you need to use it, so it’s convenient, too. Plus, long-term subscribers get extra gifts every once in a while. 


Neither MTE nor Athletic Greens® contain:


  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No animal byproducts
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No wheat


In addition, Athletic Greens® states there is no lactose, egg, peanuts, or corn in their formulation, which is pretty cool considering all the ingredients they stuffed in there. And as for MTE, we’ve got all that going on, too, and are safe for specialty diets like:


  • Halal
  • Keto
  • Kosher
  • Organic 
  • Vegan


As you can see, MTE and Athletic Greens® are both great options to add to your daily wellness routine. Even through they're different, they're definitely playing on the same team, which is probably why there’s some synergy going on when you use them together. AG1® gets you all that comprehensive good stuff your body needs to thrive, and MTE supports the systems that process and utilize those nutrients, boosting energy, mood and overall wellness while supporting your physical health, mental health and sleep quality. Check it.

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