Comparing & Contrasting MTE® & Ethan’s® Healthy Energy Drink Powders
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  1. Comparing MTE® & Ethan’s Clean Energy®
  2. How Ethan’s Clean Energy® and MTE® Work
  3. Benefits of MTE® vs Ethan’s Clean Energy®
  4. Ethan’s Clean Energy® Ingredients vs MTE® Ingredients 
  5. MTE® vs Ethan’s Clean Energy® Pricing & Packaging
  6. Other Highlights Ethan’s Clean Energy® & MTE®


Comparing & Contrasting MTE® & Ethan’s® Healthy Energy Drink Powders

The market for healthier alternatives to coffee and mainstream energy drinks is new, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not already crowded. Seems like every energy drink now says it’s “clean” or “healthy”. But by that, they usually mean they have artificial sweeteners and several types of natural stimulants. How’re you supposed to suss out what’s up?


A good compare/contrast article should work! Today, we’ll be discussing MTE®’s natural wellness powder supplement and Ethan’s Clean Energy Drink Powder Mix®, two emerging players in the field of healthy energy drinks that are sure to stick around.


How it Works

Source of the Energy Boost: Ethan’s® vs MTE®

First thing’s first: how does “clean energy” work? Let’s take a look at the energy-boosting mechanisms of both MTE® and Ethan’s®:


MTE® boosts energy by using just a touch of caffeine to light up the adaptogens, nootropics and superfoods in its carefully-crafted formula. The real energy boost comes from theacrine, maca, ashwagandha, and a couple other key nootropics and adaptogens. 


Instead of stimulating the body’s stress response system like caffeine does, MTE®’s natural energy drink powder acts on the neurochemical signaling in your brain and body to help you adapt to stress, produce energy and get focused, all without the false fight-or-flight associated with caffeine and related substances.


Ethan’s Clean Energy Drink Powder® utilizes a high dose of clean, natural caffeine for an immediate and semi-severe energy boost, and supports it with adaptogens, electrolytes and B vitamins. The theoretical framework is more old-school, but the formula isn’t full of nasty stuff like chemicals and other artificial stuff.


150mg of caffeine is going to stimulate the eff out of your stress response system, which will likely end in a crash. But since their formula includes adaptogens, the boost comes without jitters and nervousness, helping you stay focused and alert without being irritable or weirdly hot for no reason.



What’s Good? Comparing the Benefits of MTE® vs Ethan’s® Clean Energy Powders

So – what’s the sales pitch? Why bother with these new-wave energy drink powders when there’s already plenty of creatine+caffeine workout powders to go around?


Ethan’s Clean Energy Drink Powder Mix® claims:


  • Energy boost without jitters
  • Better focus
  • Clean caffeine that’s more potent than other products
  • Supports brain function
  • Supports immunity 


MTE®’s feel-good healthy energy powder supports:


  • Sustained energy
  • Improved focus and attention
  • Tranquil mood
  • Stress response
  • Immune function
  • Inflammation response
  • Better rest and recovery
  • Gut health



Secret Sauce: What Are These Two Energy Supplement Powders Made Of?

The proof is in the pudding – the ingredients in both of these plant-based replacements for typical energy drinks are comprised of ingredients that are scientifically-backed to do exactly what they say they will:


Ethan’s® is an energy-booster, pure and simple. Its active ingredients are:


  • Green tea and guayusa for caffeine (150mg per serving)
  • 150% daily value of B12 and B6 for energy, nervous system and hormonal support
  • Lion’s mane and cordyceps mushrooms for calm focus
  • Electrolytes for hydration


MTE® is a no-sugar, low-caffeine wellness powder that does a lot more than wake you up, so all the ingredients work together to offer 360 support for health and vitality. That means some ingredients are tailored to energy more than others. The specific adaptogens and nootropics that target energy and focus are:


  • Ashwagandha for lower stress reactivity
  • Maca for mood, focus and tranquil energy
  • Green tea for caffeine (50mg per serving)
  • Eleuthero for stamina, metabolism and energy
  • Methylliberine for calm energy and mental clarity
  • Theacrine for energy and focus without increased heart rate/blood pressure
  • GABA for a calm, focused alertness
  • L-theanine for relaxation and cognitive health


Pricing & Packaging

Let’s Talk Turkey: What’s the Cost of a Better Daily Energy Boost?

Ethan’s Clean Energy Powder® comes in boxes of single-serving packets. A box of 30 packets is $48. If you subscribe to a monthly order, that drops to $41. While this healthy energy powder isn’t necessarily a 1x per day thing, say you use it once daily. This evens out to $1.60 per packet, or $1.36 with a subscription.


MTE® comes in either single-serving travel packs or 30-serving bulk bags. Meant to be taken as part of your daily wellness routine, a 30-day supply of MTE costs $70, or $60 with a subscription. This tallies out to $2.33 per drink, or $1.99 with a subscription.


Other Highlights

Parallel Journeys, Different Paths: MTE® & Ethan’s Clean Energy Drink Powder®

Here’s a fun fact about Ethan’s Clean Energy® - they started out just like us! Meaning, we both used to be a healthy energy shot. But now we’re powders! Why? It just makes more sense. More convenience, more ability to customize how you incorporate it into your day, and no need for preservatives or stabilizers. Plus, there’s the whole elimination of single-use plastic. Green energy powders with green energy goals!


 A few other things about MTE®’s first-of-its-kind healthy alternative to energy drinks and supplements we love to brag about:


  • No sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Organic


In all, if you’re looking for a kick in the pants that comes with some extra benefits, Ethan’s Clean Energy Drink Powder Mix® is a real option – so long as you’re cool with the high caffeine content, which we’d warn to be careful about. But if you’re looking for a tailwind that doesn’t just get you through the day but helps you feel better and more energetic over time, MTE® is the way to go. 


Adaptogens and nootropics really can’t be beat – nothing else will help change your body’s systems innately, which is the healthiest and most sustainable way to boost energy, mood, immunity, focus, and more.


Curious to learn more about this star rookie on the healthy energy drink team? Check out our Wellness Blog and Benefits pages for more, then head over to our Shop and start your journey to feeling great every day.

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