A Fresh Approach to Youthful Energy

Dialing back caffeine is key. It works near term, but hurts long term.

Instead, we use patented ingredients that provide the same benefits of caffeine – often even better – but without any of the commonly associated pitfalls.

  • Energy

    A dynamic nootropic blend supports jitter-free energy without the caffeine crash you get from coffee and energy drinks.*

  • Focus

    Packed with ingredients like teacrine and l-theanine to support peak performance and focus.*

  • Mood

    Adaptogens and nootropics like saffron and holy basil support mood and stress response.*

  • Recovery

    Adaptogens support stress response, which helps support more natural energy reserves during the day and recovery at night.*

Real Ingredients. Real Benefits.

Proven ingredients provide benefits you can feel.

  • 88%


    The combination of teacrine, dynamine and Innovatea provide longer lasting energy support - up to 88% longer - than caffeine alone.*

  • 77%


    Studies of Affron show adults are able to maintain a positive mood & alleviate occasional stress, frustration & tension well above placebo.*

  • 72%


    Compared to caffeine alone, the Dynamine and Teacrine used in MTE can have a greater boost on the degree of focus achieved.*

  • 68%


    Improved recovery at night, a reduction of awakening after falling asleep & improved alertness upon waking.*

How it works

  • Mix Into Your Routine.

    Mix with (very) cold water or into a smoothie 1-2 times a day.

  • Stay Consistent.

    Use regularly to support calm energy, mood, stress response and recovery at night.

  • Feel Good.

    Feel Energized. Have Fun. Laugh
    More. Be Present. Worry Less.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is MTE different?

MTE is a first of its kind, daily supplement that actively supports feel-good energy and foundational well-being together. 1 scoop contains 13 active nootropics, adaptogens and superfoods that support 8 benefits to feeling good and well-being:









What is MTE?

A blend of 13 carefully selected nootropics and adaptogens that replace excessive caffeine to support energy, focus, mood and more.*

Why do I need MTE?

MTE is a daily wellness supplement to help us feel best. Much like we use multi-vitamins to supplement our diet, MTE supports us by promoting foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, focus, even quality of recovery at night.*

In conjunction with healthy lifestyle, MTE is a great tail wind for our efforts to be our best. 

How does it work?

Nootropics replace excessive caffeine to support calm mood, dialed-in focus and heallthy energy, without any of the common pitfalls like jitters, crash and insomnia.

Adaptogens balance & protect by supporting stress resilience, which allows for more natural energy reserves and better recovery at night.

 Prebiotic fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut to help reduce inflammation and fight harmful bacteria.

Use it regularly for 30 days and we bet you’ll never want to live without it. Why 30 days?

Adaptogens and nootropics reach full effect around this time.*