Our Story

Feeling Good & Energy - Together

Our formula disrupts the quick fix model, by moving to a holistic, systemic approach – but still provides energy support for ‘today’. A surprisingly novel concept.

A Fix for the Quick Fix.

Dialing back caffeine is key. Even though it ‘works’, short term, long term it works against your body’s ability to produce natural energy, and it leaves a trailing cortisol spike, which can compromise mood, cause irritability and inhibit focus.

Founder's Note

Pursuing health and happiness through food and drink has been a part of my life since my first memories of my mom making us homemade pear popsicles. So when I sold my last business, I knew I wanted to create a daily wellness companion to support feeling good and daily well-being.

For me, that is the product of having plenty of energy, a calm mood, the ability to handle constant stress and distraction life throws at me – even recovery at night.

I’ve always known of products that support ‘health and wellbeing’. And I’ve always known of supplements to support energy - but no one was doing it together, and even fewer were doing it in a healthy clean way that I would want to put in my body.

So I set out to create a first of its kind, daily supplement that actively supports
feel-good energy and foundational well-being - at the same time

It was time to get to work.

We started with adaptogens, which are known as nature’s antidote to stress. They help keep our cortisol levels (our response to stress) in the optimal range, which means less strain on the body from fighting stress, which means a lot of good things like better recovery at night, and more natural energy reserves during the day. For me, less stress also means a better mood.

Next, we added nootropics to support focus and concentration, energy, and a calm mood. Theacrine, which is found in green tea, leads the way with all the benefits of caffeine without any of the side effects like jitters, crash, sleep interruption and altered blood pressure.

The result?

Meet MTE – a daily wellness companion for feel good energy, mood, motivation, focus, & stress resilience!*

Our Process

Use real, honest ingredients

Be as good to mother nature as we are to our bodies

Work hard to create a better-for-you product that is both ethical and sustainable

Uplift our communities

Our Sustainability

Thoughtful Manufacturing

Sustainable Sourced Ingredients

Focused on a Reduced Carbon Footprint

MTE was born from the minds of grateful, lifelong learners, creatives, and formulators. Devoted to the betterment of all.

This is not about replacing rest and natural recovery, this is about giving people more time to fill their life with meaningful memories.


Being calm, focused and energized is like our daily super power.


What if an energy drink could also help with the underlying reasons we need a boost in the first place?


Nootropic energy that supports whole body health.