"This stuff is thoughtfully designed so you can reap the benefits of 13 proven nootropics and adaptogens in a way that’s easier than ever—simply put a scoop...into your beverage...and voila!"


Nootropic blend supports better energy & focus than caffeine - without the jitters, crash or stress - while balancing mood and promoting restorative sleep at night.

  • Bettter Energy

    A dynamic nootropic blend supports jitter-free energy without the caffeine crash you get from coffee and energy drinks.*

  • Focus & Mood

    Packed with ingredients like Teacrine & L-Theanine to support reduced tension, anger & confusion while boosting performance & focus.

  • Sleep & Recovery

    Saffron provides proven support for improved sleep, while adaptogens support more natural energy reserves during the day and recovery at night.*

  • Gut Health

    Chicory root supports the growth of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the gut.

"You get a jitter-free, clear minded energy with better focus, calm mood, better sleep at night and more."

  • Teacrine

    Commonly found in green tea leaves, it provides faster, longer lasting energy than caffeine - without the jitters or crash.*

  • Maca

    Boosts energy & endurance while helping the body defend against the effects of too much physical or mental stress.*

  • L-Theanine

    Helps provide a powerful boost to focus and productivity, helping you achieve a flow state no matter the setting.*

  • Ashwaganda


    Helps support mood, stress response and promote overall cognitive health and recovery at night.*

  • Siberian Ginseng


    Helps boost energy and wellness on a systemic level - which means support for not just energy but also focus, mood, recovery, and more.*

  • Saffron

    Helps boost energy and wellness on a systemic level - which means support for not just energy but also focus, mood, recovery, and more.*

  • Dynamine

    A nootropic known to support physical & mental energy, mood & focus by modulating receptors and neurotransmitters that support the reward system in brain.*

  • GABA

    This nootropic is a naturally-occurring amino acid that acts as the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in humans, which helps relax you from a cellular level.*

  • Amaranth

    Commonly used by modern day, high-performance athletes for its sustainable energy support, this superfood has been cultivated for over 8000 years.

  • Holy Basil

    A sacred superfood, this powerful adaptogenic herb is famous for supporting immunity and reducing the biochemical impact of stress.*

  • Spirulina


    One of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, Spirulina is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with half its weight coming from protein.*

  • Innovatea

    This tea extract is a unique, naturally-derived source of caffeine, extracted from fermented Camellia sinensis (tea leaves) providing 50mg of caffeine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is MTE different?

MTE disrupts the existing model
of quick-fix energy, by moving to a holistic, systemic approach – while actually still working. A surprisingly novel concept that’s never been properly executed.

In total 13 adaptogens and nootropics, support 8 benefits to well being including, of course energy, but also focus, mood & more.

What is MTE?

A blend of 13 carefully selected nootropics and adaptogens that replace excessive caffeine to support energy, focus, mood and more.*

Why do I need MTE?

MTE is a daily wellness supplement to help us feel best. Much like we use multi-vitamins to supplement our diet, MTE supports us by promoting foundational energy, stress response, calm mood, focus, even quality of recovery at night.*

In conjunction with healthy lifestyle, MTE is a great tail wind for our efforts to be our best. 

How does it work?

Nootropics replace excessive caffeine to support calm mood, dialed-in focus and heallthy energy, without any of the common pitfalls like jitters, crash and insomnia.

Adaptogens balance & protect by supporting stress resilience, which allows for more natural energy reserves and better recovery at night.

Prebiotic fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut to help reduce inflammation and fight harmful bacteria.

Use it regularly for 30 days and we bet you’ll never want to live without it. Why 30 days?

Adaptogens and nootropics reach full effect around this time.*

  • No Sugar

  • No Gluten

  • No Dairy

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Free Shipping